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General conditions


1. Contract

1.1. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation on the website, a contract is concluded between inticino and the end customer. By sending the reservation, the customer confirms that he has read and understood these general conditions.


2. Our services

2.1. Inticino deals with selling through its platform activities organized by an external partner, responsible for the performance as reported below.

2.2. Inticino manages the payment process and any cancellation or reimbursement process but does not deal with matters relating to the activities unless expressly indicated.

2.3. Each activity includes only what is indicated on its website or, in some cases, on the site of the competent partner. Any other claim by the customer is excluded.


3. Responsibility

3.1. Responsibility of inticino: Inticino is only responsible for the promotion, organization of the booking and the processing of payments. Any responsibility for accidents or other damages caused to the customer during the performance of the activity is the sole responsibility of the partner responsible for running the activity.

3.2. Partner Liability: inticino's partners are liable to customers for the risks associated with the business they carry out. From the moment that the customer starts the activity organized by a partner, he is responsible for the proper conduct of the activity according to the trade and the regulations in force as well as to conduct it safely.


4. Withdrawal by the customer

4.1. The customer can withdraw from the contract at any time. The date of the written declaration sent to inticino applies.

4.2. Unless otherwise mentioned, the following cancellation conditions apply: - Up to 48 hours before the activity, full refund of the price paid minus the transaction fees for electronic payments. Full refund in case of cash payment. - No refunds will be paid within 48 hours of the activity. - In the event of cancellation upon presentation of medical justification, a refund of the price paid, less the transaction costs for electronic payments, will be provided.

4.3. In the event that the customer does not show up for the activity or interrupts it before its conclusion, he is not entitled to any refund.


5. Withdrawal by inticino

5.1. Inticino reserves the right to withdraw from the contract or to cancel the activity under the following conditions: - If the activity includes a minimum number of participants and this is not reached, inticino can withdraw from the contract 24 hours in advance from the date of activities. In this case a full refund is guaranteed. Other claims are excluded. Alternatively, inticino can propose another date in agreement with the customer. - In case the weather conditions prevent the performance of the activity inticino or the partner responsible for the conduction can cancel even in the short term and offer the customer another date or a refund of the price paid. - If the customer does not meet the eligibility requirements required by inticino or the partner for the performance of a given activity, or is in an evident state inadequate for the normal performance of the activity, he can be excluded from participation without being entitled to any reimbursement. This right is also reserved to the partner present at the activity and responsible for its safety and management.


6. Treatment of personal data

6.1. Inticino undertakes to treat personal data confidentially and not to disclose it to third parties unless necessary for the organization of the activity.


7. Court and applicable law

7.1. Jurisdiction is Lugano according to the rules of Swiss law.

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